Charger Electric HLE

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The Harlan Charger 80V AC Electric Model HLE is equipped to handle all your light duty baggage and cargo needs. The low maintenance electric package is designed for easy access to all major components. The HLE has 3 options ranging from 4500 pounds to 6000 pounds in drawbar pull.

This unit can also be utilized for pushback of small aircraft (with pushback option package). Some options include: complete cab assembly, heat/defrost, mirrors, beacons, variety of hitches and suspension style seats.

Length 116.28" (2953mm)
w/ rear hitch 122" (3099mm)
Width 52" (1321mm)
w/ Cab 54.25" (1376mm)
Height 52" (1321mm)
w/ Cab 75.28" (1930mm)
Wheel Base 64.25"(1632mm)
Turn Radius (Outside) 135" (3429mm)
Ground Clearance 6" (152mm)
Integrated Drive Axle Fully integrated with AC Induction Motor
Steer Axle Heavy-Duty Harlan witd 1 1/8" Kingpin
Suspension Front: Leaf Spring w/ Shocks
Rear: Coil Spring w/ Shocks
Service Brakes Primary: 4 Wheel Hydraulic
Secondary: Traction motor braking with regen
Towing Coupler E-Hitch w/ 1" pin (other options available)
Tires Front: 6.50 x 10
Rear:7.00 - 15
Controller Curtis Programmable
Energy Source 80V Lead-Acid (500-720 amp/hr)
Lithium-LFP Battery (400-576amp/hr)
Charging Options
  • On Board 110-220V charger for Lithium (6kW)
  • On Board 110-220V charger for Lead Acid (5kW)
  • Standard Charger
  • Fast Charger
  • EV Interface (used w/ on board charger
Steering System Hydrostatic
Park Brake Electric Linear Actuate/Automatic system or push button activated
Drawbar Pull 4500 lbs. (20 kN) 5000 lbs. (22.2 kN) 6000 lbs. (26.7 kN)